SoundPLAN Australia & New Zealand

Frequently asked questions

Software installers are available from the SoundPLAN EU website. These can be installed as demo versions so users can trial the software, or full versions with a valid licence. Trial licences in Australia and New Zealand are provided by Marshall Day Acoustics – please contact us to arrange.

SoundPLAN software calculates noise from a wide range of industrial and transportation noise sources.

SoundPLANessential enables most noise sources to be modelled, including industrial buildings and sources, wind turbines, roads, and railways.

SoundPLANnoise offers a complete modelling solution, including aircraft noise and a powerful Sound Particle Diffraction (SPD) method, which can be used to calculate noise and room acoustics parameters for complex indoor scenarios. Given the array of options available with SoundPLANnoise, users can select the software modules that best suit their needs.

Check out the long list of calculation standards and methods on the SoundPLAN EU website for SoundPLANnoise or SoundPLANessential.

For a full overview of modules visit SoundPLAN EU. You can customise as much as you like. Get in touch so we can figure out a tailored plan.

SoundPLAN software runs on windows. For full hardware recommendations see SoundPLAN EU.

Marshall Day Acoustics provides technical support to users in Australia and New Zealand. See further details on our support page.

Customers with current U&M subscriptions can trial, hire and purchase any new modules.

Yes, Marshall Day Acoustics provides training courses, tailored training sessions, and other services. For more information see our support page.