SoundPLAN Acoustics and Noise Modelling Software

SoundPLAN is available in two tiers:


SoundPLAN's flagship modular software package, which offers a flexible range of noise and acoustics evaluation modules. 

Used by more than 5,000 users, including governments, consultants and researchers in more than 40 countries, SoundPLAN is the world’s leading environmental noise prediction software.

The speed and accuracy of SoundPLAN has been developed to the point where evaluation of noise and pollution impacts on whole cities can be carried out using computer power available to even the most modest of users.  The output can range from noise prediction tables to colour contour maps and 3D animations.


A compact version of SoundPLAN that offers users a simplified but powerful noise modelling interface.


See why SoundPLAN has been a leader in its field for more than 25 years.