SoundPLAN Australia & New Zealand

SoundPLANessential & SoundPLANnoise


SoundPLANessential is a compact version of the software that offers users a simplified but powerful noise modelling interface.

This package is ideally suited to smaller projects and professionals from a range of backgrounds who occasionally need to evaluate environmental noise.

This software is suitable for standard noise simulation projects that don’t have the complexity or requirements of the full software package. SoundPLANessential supports the calculation of Road, Rail, Industrial and Parking lot noise.



SoundPLANnoise is the flagship modular software package which offers a flexible range of noise and acoustics evaluation modules.

This package is ideally suited to the acoustics professional that needs a scalable platform for assessing a wide range of situations and noise sources, from small-scale projects through to large-scale area-wide noise mapping projects.

As a fully modular system, SoundPLANnoise allows users to easily choose individual modules to adapt the software to best suit the user’s needs. The output can range from noise prediction tables to colour contour maps and 3D animations.

Refer to the table below for a comparison between SoundPLANessential and SoundPLANnoise. A full list of the differences can be found here.

SoundPLANessential vs. SoundPLANnoise

FEATURES SoundPLANessential SoundPLANnoise
Road, Rail, Industrial and Parking Lot Noise Calculations
Aircraft Noise Calculations
Indoor Noise Calculations & Room Acoustics Calculations
Digital Ground Model (DGM) Calculations
Automated Optimisation of Noise Protection Walls & Berms
Google Maps & OpenStreetMap Integration
Import Data Models from Compatible ASCII, DXF & Shapefiles
Import Object Properties (e.g. building heights)
Efficient & Complex Tools to modify Geometry Data (e.g. combine areas, create embarkments)
Industrial Buildings with Automatically Generated Sources Based on Internal Noise Levels
Single Frequencies, Octave, & Third Octave Bands Calculations
Transmission & Absorption Library
2D, 2D Rotational & 3D Directivity
Single Receiver Calculations
Grid Noise Map Calculations
Façade Noise Map Calculations
Cross-Sectional Noise Map
Tabular Format Documentation of Noise Sources & Results
3D Solid Model View
3D Model Outputs & Animations