SoundPLAN & ISO/TR 17534-3:2015

Tue, 2017-10-03 09:39

SoundPLAN complies with changes proposed to standards for the calculation of sound outdoors



SoundPLAN supports and complies with changes that have been proposed to ISO/TR 17534-3:2015, (, relating to acoustics software for the implementation of standards asscoaited with the calculation of sound outdoors.

Additional recommendations have been proposed for the calculation method of ISO 9613‑2. This International Standard ISO 9613-2 outlines the measures necessary to ensure a high quality of calculation methods for acoustic measurement.

The Technical Report ( contains additional recommendations for the calculation method that are agreed on to be implemented in software quality ensured test cases with detailed results that allow checking the correct implementation and forms to declare conformity with these requirements by a specified software product. SoundPLAN is a member of the working group that has helped develop these new measures.

The recommended changes outlined to ISO 9613-2 will help improve the accuracy of calculated sound levels, which can currently differ significantly.

Wherever possible, SoundPLAN works closely with the organisations putting together standards to ensure they are of a consistently high level. We are also part of a group that tries to get all internationally relevant software producers to synchronize their procedures.

SoundPLAN believes there needs to be consistent and quality controlled standards to protect people from unnecessary harm from noise across the globe. Noise reduction is important for environmental purposes, but also to ensure companies are meeting health and safety compliance rules and regulations.