Merry Christmas GIS Interface module – 20% off until December 31st 2018

Thu, 2018-12-06 11:59 - Mon, 2018-12-31 11:59

We are pleased to offer the GIS Interface module at 20% off until December 31st for all users who also have the Cartography module.

The GIS Interface module is an invaluable add-on, which enables the following key features:

  • Import Shape files (e.g. terrain, buildings and other objects)
  • Export Shape files or ESRI ASCII Grid (e.g. noise contours for manipulation in GIS)
  • Import terrain data from web mapping services when combined with the Cartography module.

Note that the 20% discount applies to the GIS Interface module only and is only available to users with the Cartography module.

Cartography module and changes to Google Earth

We advise/remind users that recent changes were made by Google to how external applications are permitted to access data from their services.  Importantly, API keys are now required and in the words of Google:

Keyless usage will result in a degraded experience, or an error.

We have already had users report issues importing Google images to SoundPLAN using the old interface and we expect issues will become more common.

We therefore strongly recommend users consider purchasing the Cartography module, which enables SoundPLAN’s new API import interface.