Buy 2 get 1 Free - Noise Propagation Module Promotion

Fri, 2011-07-15 15:47

When adding to an existing license or purchasing a new license, receive a noise propagation module for free* when you purchase two of the following modules:

  • Road Noise Propagation
  • Rail Noise Propagation
  • Industry Noise Propagation
  • Indoor Factory Noise

For example, if you buy a Startkit Road Noise package and then choose Rail Noise and Indoor Factory Noise, you will be entitled to Indoor Factory Noise free of charge*. This is in addition to the Startkit discount offered.

* The outright cost of the module is free and includes free software support (termed U & M) for the first year.  Subsequent years of U & M would be charged at 15% of the cost of the module.  U & M is optional.